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Gretchen Gretchen's Story

I started to use OfferUp when I was in the middle of a financial crisis. I had just finished school and received a Masters in Teaching in April, but wasn't having luck finding a teaching position. I had already been without a paycheck for a year, and living on just my husband's teaching salary wasn't quite cutting it. So, I used my hobby, upcycling picture frames and furniture, plus other odds and ends, to make a little extra money. It has been very helpful. It got me through the roughest, lowest time in my life. I'm still unemployed, but with a small part time job and OfferUp, I'm making ends meet. Thanks for helping me pay the bills and keep my family fed and in our home.
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Patricia Patricia's Story

I’m a stay at home mom with three teenage boys. I’m thankful for OfferUp for making our transition easier, as we had to get rid of a lot of things within a short time frame. OfferUp brought out a creative side of me and I’m amazed at how people have responded. I have built friendships that are flourishing greatly and the entrepreneurial spirit within me is making my sons believers! I have been able to use OfferUp as a tool to bring out the creative side in them as well, by teaching them how to find worth in the simplest things. My house is clutter free, yay! To sell items with a touch of a button within minutes… OfferUp is my genie in a bottle. Thanks so much for creating this platform!
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Sue Sue's Story

Several months ago I looked at an ad for OfferUp...this has changed my life. The site is safe, I have met some really nice people and made a new good friend--we meet up every Saturday morning! OfferUp is user friendly, an easy way to sell items you no longer need, and a perfect way to make extra cash. Communicating with prospective buyers couldn't be easier, and selling my car boosted me to having sold $10,000 worth of items through OfferUp! I can access the site from my computer, iPad or iPhone, so no matter where I am I can check items. Start today and you will have that extra needed cash for the holidays, your next trip, or whatever your need is. I am so glad I found this amazing site!
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Elaine Elaine's Story

As a mom of three boys, you can imagine how much "stuff" I have stored. My boys grow so fast that many items go unused or are barely used. It felt like I was wasting so much money! When I discovered OfferUp, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders; the light bulb had finally turned on! We are pretty thrifty by cloth diapering, utilizing hand-me-downs, and even meal planning so when I do sell items on OfferUp, the money is saved for special treats for our family.

I have found several items at a great price on Offer Up, saving me tons of money, and I have sold several items as well, not only earning my family extra money but also saving money for other families. You may not realize how fast it all adds up (most of us don't want to) but when you do, it can be very overwhelming. For any moms out there struggling to get items for their babies, OfferUp is a staple in saving you money and getting you the necessities for your little ones. OfferUp is a wonderful community to be a part of because you can meet other great moms in your area too. I've met a few moms through OfferUp and it feels like we've known each other forever, so we have plans for play dates throughout the summer!
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Lander Lander's Story

I am a stay-at-home mom with a three year old daughter, a two year old son, and we are currently expecting a little girl in August! All this to say, I am CONSTANTLY nesting and constantly purging to keep our home from filling up with unnecessary things for where we are at in our lives. I am one that cannot stand clutter and this app has been amazing!! To be able to snap a picture of something while I am in the middle of trying to purge and organize and then post it with the touch of a button has been amazing.

I have tried other sites but I feel like they take too long and they are so impersonal. Not only have I sold more than half of the things I have posted, I have also met some amazing people, and even gotten a few play dates out of the deal! :) I am so lucky to stay at home with my kids and at the same time my husband has been so impressed with how much I have sold in the short period of time I have been on OfferUp. Love, love, love OfferUp and will continue to look forward to updates to come!
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Alex Alex's Story

This is a twins’ Mom’s dream! I have twin two year old boys and buying two of everything can get expensive! When I discovered Offer Up I was elated!! It is so great to buy what my twins need for less from people I trust, and being able to sell those things when they grow out of them is even better. Thank you!
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Summer Summer's Story

2012 has been an exciting year for our family with arrival of our son! It has also been a costly year as our son has some special needs. Money has been tight as we transition to one income and budget for all our son's medical bills. As we looked around our house, we quickly realized that there was a substantial amount of stuff that we didn't need or use anymore. We turned that stuff into money with OfferUp.

It was so easy and intuitive, literally took moments to snap photos and post our items - genius and perfect for our crazy busy family! Within days we had multiple buyers for our items and a couple hundred extra dollars in our pockets.

We have sold things on sites like Ebay and Craig's List before, the time and effort it took always made it such a daunting task though. I will definitely be using the OfferUp more as our little guy outgrows all his baby gear and toys. Thank you OfferUp for making buying and selling gentle used items so user friendly!
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Claudia Claudia's Story

My house is packed with stuff my daughter no longer uses. Until OfferUp came along I simply didn’t have the time to try to sell it all.  OfferUp makes selling so simple it was like taking and sharing a photo.  In the last few months I’ve sold over $1,000 of my daughters items on OfferUp.

It’s amazing to see just how much valuable stuff you have laying around the house buy don’t have the time to try and sell it.  OfferUp makes selling a snap!
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Krista Krista's Story

I’ve always had an interest in selling my gently used baby/toddler items online, but the idea of having them come to my home made me feel uncomfortable. Not only does OfferUp make buying and selling simple, but the OfferUp TruYou member program and other safety features make me feel more at ease in handling the buying/selling process without hesitation.
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Karin Karin's Story

For those of you who have ever bought something from sites like Craigslist, it’s just plain scary. You never know who you are dealing with and many times people are flaky.

I really like how OfferUp goes the extra mile and focuses on safety. They have their TruYou program that highlights validated sellers. They can even show me trusted connections I have with other OfferUp users.  I can also see how quickly someone responds to me and rate my experience with people I buy from in my community.
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