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About Us
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Why Use OfferUp?

  • User Profiles
    Know more about sellers, how often they respond, ratings and more.
  • Customer Support
    The OfferUp Team is here to help. Contact us anytime and get a prompt response.
  • Free
    Free app, discover what’s for sale nearby you.
  • Share on Facebook
    Have what you love with friends on Facebook.
  • Safe Communication
    All communication is done within OfferUp so your email address is never exposed to sellers.
  • Ratings
    Easily determine who the best sellers are using OfferUp ratings.
  • Trusted Connections
    Using Facebook, we’ll show you friends you have in common with each seller.
  • Instant alerts
    Get notified instantly on your phone when sellers contact you.
  • Save time
    We’re removing friction from the entire buying process, saving you time.
  • Bidding System
    Make your own offer on items for the best deal.